What is a WiFi Pole?

Using the technology that we use to power our Solar Powered Light Poles, we are able to offer you a Solar Powered Wifi Pole.

Our Solar Powered WiFi Pole transmits a wireless network signal much like your wireless router at home would do for you. Meaning that you would be able to connect to a specifically created wireless network and connect to the internet when you are in proximity to one of our WiFi Poles. Each pole would connect to the next pole, meaning that the wifi signal can go on for great distances, that means that you could have a wireless network signal running the length of an entire street.

With less that 50% of South Africans having access to the internet, our WiFi Pole has potential for those people whom are currently unable to gain access to the internet, due to logistical or other practical reasons.

Connecting People

We want to be able to connect more people to the future. With technology improving everyday and even the simplict of cellphones being able to connect to the internet, governments, companies and ordinary people are sharing more and more information through mobile websites and apps.

This means that it is becoming more vital for people to be able to connect to the internet when they are out of their homes and place of work, especially if they are unable to afford to buy data for their phones.

Our Solar WiFi Pole can be placed around townships, taxi and bus ranks and even social gathering points like parks, sports stadiums and shopping malls.

Public WiFi Access

What if you could be waiting for a bus or a taxi and you would be able to connect to a free Public Wifi point? Wouldn't that excite you?

With our Solar WiFi Poles that can be a reality. Since our WiFi Poles are solar powered they don't need external power and can be placed anywhere where they receive sunlight to power them. Meaning that you can stay in touch with friends and family and always keep up to date with the latest news on your phone and other devices.


With our Solar Powered WiFi Poles you will be able to bring internet access to previously disadvantaged school all over the country. This means that these schools will now be able to have access to a world of information that they never previously had. This will not only help the students but also the teachers to be able to better help their students with lessons and the learning process.

The WiFi Poles can also be placed around Universities and other turtiary institutions to aid the students with their studies, assisting them when it comes to turning in assignments online and working towards earnign their degrees.