Intelligent Communication & Energy Management

All of our solar powered lights are monitored and maintained from a state of the art control center. Our solar powered light poles are able to communicate directly with our control center, which means we are made aware when a particular light pole requires a bulb to be changed or maintenance to be carried out on it.

We are also able to monitor each solar light poles power output to make sure that they are operating at their prime efficiency. The poles are equipped with security sensonrs that will notify the control center if someone is trying to tamper with our steal a pole.

Smart Monitoring Specifications

  • Peer-to-peer communication
  • Remote control and maintenance system
  • Statistical analysis of operating and lighting data
  • Optimized battery management system
  • Maximized energy yield with MPP-tracking
  • Communication between light and service center via GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSUPA modems
  • Built in sensors for automatic security alerts
  • Integrated motion sensor

Power Control Unit

With our solar powered lights you don't need to worry about constantly checking up on whether they are working properly and if they are charging correctly, our control center monitors all of these aspects for you, as well as making sure that the poles are giving out enough light for their intended use.

The power control unit is intended to make things easier for you, so that you don't need to worry about the everyday operation and usage of the lights and it's internal workings.

  • Self-learning, programmable
  • Smart system monitoring and controlling
  • Perfect battery/charging management
  • MPP-tracking for maximized energy yield
  • Brightness control by PWM